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Accounting for income taxes

Tax provision preparation and reporting can be overwhelming. Our ASC 740 professionals can help you by providing:

  • Outsourcing to help lower your costs and achieve human resource efficiency
  • Co-sourcing with seamless service provider integration
  • Access to tax subject matter specialists with deep technical knowledge
  • Documentation that includes best practice implementation
  • Reviews for issue identification and risk mitigation

Internal controls

The more complex your business, the more you need controlled processes. From the identification of inherent risks to the design and implementation of solutions, we will work with you to create or strengthen tax internal controls and manage your risk profile.

Tangible Property tax consulting

The tax treatment of fixed assets can become a true advantage. Whether it is the final tangible property regulations, proactive tax planning or the classification of assets for property tax purposes, the treatment of fixed assets is an increasingly important business concern. Companies have the opportunity to apply IRS-approved accounting methods to distinct types of property to manage overall tax liabilities and decrease audit risk. We can perform cost segregation studies and accounting methodology changes for you! 

international tax planning

The global economy drives growth. But every market presents complex planning and compliance challenges that must be understood individually but addressed collectively. Pittard & Hills offers the local knowledge and global perspective to help with a broad range of issues, including:

  • Worldwide tax minimization planning
  • Outbound and inbound structure planning
  • Foreign tax credits
  • ASC 740 (FAS 109 and FIN 48)
  • IFRS and GAAP convergence
  • International assignment services for expatriates
  • International business advice and planning


Corporate Tax services

A disciplined, integrated approach to corporate tax requires experienced tax professionals who understand the distinct tax concerns of corporations. We understand tax laws, tax process and tax technology and how they interact with your business strategy and operations to create effective tax results.

Partnership Tax planning

Partnerships and limited liability companies enjoy substantial tax advantages compared to corporations. They avoid the “double-tax” imposed on the income of large or publicly traded C corporations, and they also enjoy much greater flexibility than S corporations. These advantages come at the cost of considerable tax complexity. 

Seemingly simple transactions, which would not require tax planning if done in a corporation or sole proprietorship, can present tax planning opportunities as well as traps for the unwary. Understanding when to consult with a specialist in partnership taxation can be very important.

credits and incentives

Pittard & Hills' credits and incentives team provides a broad range of services to help clients identify and secure credits and incentives across the full spectrum of federal, state and local programs. We can help you evaluate each of the areas that trigger opportunity:

Individual tax planning

Our professionals are devoted to first understanding your goals and the business, financial and personal issues that form them. We then work with you to develop comprehensive, tailored and streamlined solutions that address your full range of needs.

State and Local tax planning

When it comes to state taxes, a closer look at the big picture is crucial.  State tax planning can be a huge factor for business and personal decisions you make.  We can help guide you with our broad range of SALT experts.